Mission Statement

The Communication Committee of the International Society of Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA Comm) promotes the dissemination of information on the activities of ISBRA pertaining to research, education, discussions and policy, regarding alcohol use and misuse. ISBRA Comm was founded in May 2019 to serve as a common platform for scientists, clinicians, policy makers, educators, public media and other interested parties. Information disseminated by ISBRA Comm pertains to human and animal research to develop new methodologies and strategies to identify key pathological mechanisms, prevent and treat alcohol misuse, and alcohol-associated organ/systemic injury or dysfunction. ISBRA Comm facilitates the dissemination of new research findings, news on public policy related to medication regulation, etc. With the globalization and extensive exchange of information, education, academic and scientific training have become highly diversified. Thus, one of the objectives of ISBRA Comm is to describe the ongoing education and training developments that occur across the globe. In addition, ISBRA Comm notifies members of postdoctoral fellowships, faculty positions and other employment opportunities worldwide. ISBRA Comm provides a platform for leading scientists to discuss their findings in the context of broader scientific trends and forge new research collaborations. The ultimate aim is to advance the broader mission of ISBRA.


Current Issue: 2021 ISBRA Bulletin Vol 3, Issue 5


Previous Issues: ISBRA Communications Bulletin archive

ISBRA Podcast

Episode one: Interview with Dr. Dan Blalock

Welcome to a new podcast by the International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA) Communications Committee. In this inaugural episode, we discuss recent findings on the impact of alcohol misuse in older populations with Dr. Dan Blalock, a clinical research psychologist at the Durham VA Health Care System in North Carolina and Duke University Department of Psychiatric and Behavioral Sciences. Check back bimonthly for more episodes highlighting news in alcohol research! Please listen to the informative podcast:

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