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ISBRA 2012 Congress

2010 Ishii Memorial Award
Walking Stick Thank You from Karl Mann to Toshikazu Saito

2010 Ishii Memorial Award
Thank you from Edward Riley to Toshikazu Saito

2010 Ishii Memorial Award
ISBRA Presidents' Young Investigator Awards recipients: Jin-Seok Byun, D.D.S.; Robert J. Lipinski, Ph.D.; Kristen Pleil, Ph.D.; William Giardino, B.S.; and, Angela Renee Ozburn, Ph.D.

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ISBRA 2010 Congress

2010 Ishii Memorial Award
Dr. Helmut Seitz was awarded the first Dr. Hiromasa Ishii Memorial Award
Presenting the plaque to Dr. Seitz is Dr. Katsuya Maruyama.

2010 ISBRA young investigator awardees
Five Individuals were awarded the first President's Young Investigator Awards:
Dr. Rebecca Howard, Dr. Daya Perkins, Dr. Dmitri Govorko, Dr. Ricardo Pautassi, and Dr. Wataru Ukai
Dr. Michael Charness presented the award.

Isaacson Award
2010 Distinguished Scientist Award, Tamara J. Phillips, Ph.D.
From the International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society.

Isaacson Award
2009 Henri Begleiter Excellence in Research Award, Prof. Clive Harper
Professor Clive Harper receives the Henri Begleiter Excellence in Research award from the Research Society on Alcoholism, June 24, 2009 Pictured (from left): Clive Harper, Peter Monti (RSA President)

Isaacson Award
2008 Jellinek Award, Paula Hoffman
Biological and medical research: For her pre-eminent research defining molecular and genetic mechanisms of alcohol tolerance and dependence Pictured (from left): Toshikazu Saito, R. Adron Harris, Paula Hoffman

Isaacson Award
Karl Mann, Harold Kalant, and Boris Tabakoff
2004 ISBRA Congress in Heidelberg/Mannheim Germany Dr. Harold Kalant Recipient of the James B. Isaacson Award
The award is sponsored by the National Foundation for the Prevention of Chemical Dependency Disease and consists of a plaque, a US$4,000 honorarium, and a US$2,000 travel allowance to present a plenary address to the Congress.
The award is for outstanding research, with some significant emphasis in the area of genetics of alcohol effects, or alcoholism. Previous awards have been Dr.: Ting-Kai Li (Third Congress, Helsinki, Finland); Henri Begleiter (Fourth Congress, Kyoto, Japan); Werner Goedde (Fifth Congress, Toronto, Canada); Robert Cloniger and Michael Bohman (Sixth Congress, Bristol, England); Marc Schuckit (Seventh Congress, Gold Coast, Australia); Lars Oreland and Lars von Knorring (Eighth Congress, Washington, DC, USA); John Crabbe and Gerald McClearn (Ninth Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark); Luigi Gessa (Tenth Congress, Yokohama, Japan; and David Goldman (Eleventh Congress, San Francisco, California, USA) Harold Kalant (Twelfth Congress, Heidelberg/Mannheim, Germany).

Dipak Sarkar
Rutgers University recently completed constructing the Endocrine Research Facilityfunded by grants from NIH and the State of New Jersey. The PI for the grant is an ISBRA member Dipak K. Sarkar. The Grand Opening of the Endocrine Research Facilitytook place September 8, 2008. Many endocrinologists interested in alcohol research attended the opening ceremonies and participated in plenary lectures given by distinguished scientists including the member of National Academy of Science and in the Poster Session presented by 53 endocrinologists from Rutgers University, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and local pharmaceuticals. Many special guests from NJ State government and from NIH including the NIAAA's Drs. Antonio Noronha and Lindsey Grandison attended the Grand Opening.

Toshikazu Saito
ISBRA President
2008 Joint ISBRA/RSA Congress

Boris Tabakoff and Helmut Seitz
2007 Berlin, Germany

Rainer Spanagel
2008 James B. Isaacson Award
Presented by Boris Tabakoff

R. Adron Harris, Michelyn Lintz, and Yuka Mukai
2008 Joint ISBRA/RSA Congress

Toshikazu Saito, Susumu Higuchi, and Sawitri Assanangkornchai
5th Seminar of Epidemic of Drug in Thailand